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Welcome to Cloudeight Stationery's Windows Live Mail Stationery Web site.

This site is STILL under construction

You've probably noticed there isn't a lot of stationery for Windows 7 / Windows Live Mail. There's a reason for that - Windows Live Mail just isn't a very good email program. We've been waiting for Microsoft to bring it up to speed, but Windows 7 has now been out long enough, if Microsoft cared enough about you to fix it, they'd have fixed it by now. So, it looks like all us Windows 7 users are stuck with Windows Live Mail as it is...

So...we're continuing to work on ideas to get some kind of stationery for Windows Live Mail users. We really do hope to announce something soon. One good thing, whatever kind of stationery we come up with for Windows Live Mail, will also work with new versions of Outlook and with Mozilla's Thunderbird email program. So, if you're not too happy with Windows Live Mail (and we can tell you that we aren't), you'll have other options and still be able to use stationery.

Hang tight - better days ahead.

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